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Parts of the Main page

  1. Map Section – Section of the page which you can see the ff:
    • Map with live devices position on it.
    • Geofences created
    • Path per device (if device follow is toggle on)
  2. Devices Tab – Tab which you can see list of the devices and the time of its last update.
    • Devices indicator are as follows:
      • green indicates as online. The device is currently sending gps coordinate to the server whether the vehicle is moving or not.
      • yellow indicates as unknown. The last position sent by the device is not valid and has no fixed gps signal.
      • red indicates  as offline. The device is whether turned off or there is poor reception on that particular place.
    • Click the device to focus it on the map and show its attributes in the State Tab.
  3. State Tab – tab which you can see list of the attributes of the selected device on the Devices Tab. Some of the attributes are time, latitude, longitude, accuracy, speed, distance, etc.
  4. Reports Tab – tab which you can generate report such as Route, Events, Trips, Stops Summary and Chart. The report exported on this section is in CSV format.
  5. Events Tab – tab which you can see list of recent events. Some of the events are Enter and Exit of Geofence, Device Stop, Device is Moving, Device is Overspeeding, etc.
  6. Summary Section – Section of the page where you can see the total vehicles onlines, unknowns and offlines
  7. Navigation Section  – Section of the page where you can navigate to playback, toggle map settings and even logout
    1. Playback Button – Navigate to history playback page.
    2. Summary Button – Button to toggle Summary Section.
    3. Geofence Button – Button to toggle geofences on map.
    4. Live Route Button  – Button to toggle path or live route on map.
    5. Follow Button – Button to toggle follow on the selected devices
    6. Settings Button – Button to logout.