3. History Playback

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To play device history follow these steps:

  1. Go to Vehicles tab.
  2. Search for the device/vehicle to play then click it.
  3. Device Info panel will show, then click the playback button.
  4. Playback panel will show.
    1. Zoom Control  – set zoom of the map
    2. Playback Speed – set the speed of the device to be played
    3. Geofence – toggle to show/hide geofences on map
    4. Gauge – current speed of the device
    5. Odometer – current distance of the device from the first point
    6. Follow – toggle to follow device on update
    7. Date – set the date to be played
    8. Control – Play or pause the playback
    9. Timeline – Timeline of the playback
    10. Back – Back to Device Info panel
  5. Click the Date to change the date of device to be played. then click Set
  6. Click Play button to start the playback.
  7. You can fast forward by dragging Timeline.