3. Checking Events

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Checking Events from Events section

  1. From the main page, click Events Tab in the lower left part of the screen.
  2. Event tab will display with the list of device and recent events.

Checking Event from Reports Section

  1. From the main page, click the Reports on the bottom part of the screen.
  2. Report tab will display. Click Configure.
  3. Configure window will appear. Fill up fields and click check icon or cross icon to cancel

    1. Device – one or more device you want to check the event
    2. Group – group of the device you want to check
    3. Show Marker – tick whether the event would show an icon on map
    4. Period – date range of the report to be generated. Period has following options:
      • Custom – where you can set the starting and ending date
      • Today – fetch today’s events
      • Yesterday – fetch yesterday’s event
      • This week – fetch current week’s event
      • Previous Week – fetch previous week’s event
      • This Month – fetch current month’s event
      • Previous Month – fetch previous month’s event
  4. From the Report section click Type and select Events then click show to display the event or export to download the excel file