4. Creating New Geofence

Follow these steps to add geofence:

  1. From the map section, click the Setting or the gear icon then click Geofences

  2. Geofences window will appear, Click the plus icon.
  3. A new window will appear. Fill up the fields.
    1. Name – name of the geofence to be created.
    2. Description – description of the geofence to be created.
    3. Calendar – calendar of the geofence to be created.
  4. Click the Area to set the location points.
  5. Area window will appear. Select theĀ marking type you want then draw it on the map
  6. Click the check icon to save the draw on map. Click the cross icon to cancel.
  7. Click again the check icon to add the geofence. Click the cancel icon to cancel adding.

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